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Music Revision - Music Periods - Test 1

We’ve come to the end of the revision series for Medieval, Renaissance , and Baroque, This blog and the next will test what you’ve retained. You can download a PDF of this test if you like, and an answer sheet can be downloaded too…but it’s for your own use, not to be used anywhere else please!

1. What are dates for the Medieval Period of music (centuries)?

2. What are the three sub-periods within the Medieval era?

3. What two types of music were composed in the Medieval period?

4. What is Gregorian chant?

5. What is another term used for Gregorian chant?

6. What two textures were used in Gregorian chant?

7. What is a Mass?

8. Name three instruments from the Medieval Period.

9. What are the dates for the Renaissance Period of music (centuries)?

10. How many periods were in this era?

11. What is a motet?

12. True or false - During the Renaissance period, composers started to adopt

non-religious music for religious use?

13. Name two types of song that were developed in the Renaissance period.

14. Name two types of instrumental pieces that were composed in the

Renaissance period.

15. Name two types of dance that were popular in the Renaissance period.

16. In the Renaissance period music was written in modes, or diatonic scales?

17. Name three instruments commonly used in Renaissance music (different ones

to question 8!)

18. Name a Renaissance composer.

26 - Music Revision - Music Periods Test 1 Questions
Download PDF • 43KB
26 - Music Revision - Music Periods Test 1 Answers
Download PDF • 47KB

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