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  • Chris Anderson

Music Revision - Appraising 1

In this blog I give some tips on how to get through your listening exam. In the next blog I’ll go into some detail.


  • If given time to read through the paper before the test…do it. Don’t waste the time. Look through the paper carefully and be ready for the first question. By doing this you are giving yourself the chance to familiarise with what is about to come up.

  • Don’t waste time worrying about a question you may not have done well on. Doing this means you won’t be focussed enough on the next question. There is no option to stop the CD and wait for you to fill in an answer. If this happens, just try your best on the next question.

  • Try not to leave an answer blank - it’s better to have a guess! If you want to you can leave yourself a note to go back over it at the end of the test.

  • Don’t offer multiple options for a one point answer. Choose one! It’s not the job of the examiner to choose your answer. If you give more than one option for an answer worth one point it’ll be marked wrong.


  • Look carefully at the mark for each question. I go into detail as to why in the next blog.

  • Look carefully at the options given. Sometimes a process of elimination is possible to rule out what an answer ISN’T.

  • Read the question carefully and answer precisely what you are asked. Stay on point…don’t deviate. Any deviation will be ignored by the examiner as it’ll be irrelevant.

  • Try to hear rhythms and melodies in your head so you can try and spot where the differences occur.

  • The questions will always be linked to what you can actually hear.

  • Use musical words!

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