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  • Chris Anderson

Music Revision - Glossary I - L

Continuing this short series of musical terms (and the list is by no means exhaustive!).

Idée Fixe - A recurring theme or figure associated with a person or action.

Imitation - Where one part copies another, often in fugue.

Imperfect Cadence - Two chords that finish with the dominant.

Improvisation - Made up on the spot.

Incidental Music - Music for a play, often dances, songs or even an overture.

Interlude - A short piece of music interspersed between other sections of a larger work.

Intermezzo - A short piano piece or an instrumental piece played by the orchestra in an opera with no action on stage.

Interrupted Cadence - A cadence that goes from the dominant to any other chord except the tonic.

Interval - The distance between two notes.

Inversion - A chord that is played in a position different to root position.

Jig - Fast dance from Ireland. Usually in compound time.

K-Pop - South Korean pop music.

Key Signature - Sharps or flats that appear at the beginning of a piece of music. It is repeated on every single line of music.

Larghetto - Broad and slow, but not as much as Largo.

Largo - Slow and broad tempo.

Leading Note - Seventh note of a scale.

Ledger Lines - Extra lines used above and below the stave to write higher and lower notes.

Legato - Play smoothly.

Leitmotiv - A recurring theme associated with a particular character or object. Used in opera a lot, but also in film music.

Lento - Slow tempo.

Libretto - The text of an opera, oratorio or musical.

Lied - German song.

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