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Music Revision - Glossary - Q & R

Quartet - A group of four players/singers. A piece in four parts.

Quintet - A group of five players/singers. A piece in five parts.

Raga - A scale used in Indian music.

Ragtime - A piece of music (usually for piano) popular in early 20th Century America. Contains lots of syncopation. Jazz music followed on from ragtime.

Rallentando (rall.) - Gradually slowing down.

Recapitulation - The third section of sonata form.

Recitative - A song, often performed with harpsichord accompaniment, in an opera or oratorio. It moves the story along. It’s like the spoken dialogue in a musical.

Reel - A lively folk dance.

Reggae - A type of music from Jamaica.

Relative Major - A major key that is related to the minor key. It is the third note of the minor scale.

Relative Minor - A minor key that is related to the major key. It is the sixth note of the major scale.

Resolution - The last of three notes in a suspension.

Retrograde - A tune that has been reversed.

Retrograde Inversion - A tune that has been reversed and turned upside down.

Ripieno - The group of musicians accompanying the soloists in a concerto grosso.

Risoluto - Play resolutely - ie confidently.

Ritardando (rit.) - Gradually getting slower.

Ritenuto (rit.) - Hold back the tempo. A sudden slowing down.

Ritornello - A musical form where a theme is returned to regularly. Early form of rondo.

Rondo - A piece where the first theme is repeated after each new section. ABACADA etc.

Root Note - The note a chord originates from. For example, a D major chord would have a D as its root.

Rubato - Flexible tempo.

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