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  • Chris Anderson

Music Revision - Glossary - U - Z

Finishing our glossary of musical terms

Unison - All musicians/singers play/sing the same notes at the same time.

Upbeat - Another way of saying anacrusis. It’s where the music doesn’t start on the first beat of the bar.

Variation - A version of a theme that has been changed.

Vibrato - The technique of making a note wobble…think of it more like a note that ripples. (Don’t say “wobble” in your exam)

Virtuoso - A top-class performer

Vivace - Lively tempo.

Waltz - A dance in 3/4 time.

Whole Tone Scale - A scale where the interval between each note is a tone. It has six notes.

Wind Quintet - A group made up of flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, and bassoon.

Woodwind Instruments - These are instruments that you blow into to make the sound. They are called woodwind because they use wood to make the sound (the reed). The flute is a woodwind instrument because it used to be made out of hollow wood.

Word-Painting - Music matches the words.

Xylophone - Pitched percussion instrument with wooden bars that are struck to make a sound

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