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Music Revision - Music Periods - Test 2 Baroque

In this blog we’ll test your Baroque knowledge. You can download the test as a pdf, but only for your personal use please. The answer sheet can also be downloaded.

1. What does the word “Baroque” mean?

2. What are the dates of the Baroque period?

3. What is an aria?

4. What is an oratorio?

5. Give an example of an oratorio work.

6. What is a basso continuo?

7. What is a gigue?

8. What is a minuet?

9. What is figured bass?

10. Name three instruments used in Baroque music.

11. Name three Baroque composers.

12. Describe identifying features of Baroque music, using DRSMITH:









13. Name three types of music popular in the Baroque period.

14. What is binary form?

15. What is ternary form?

16. What is a da capo aria?

17. What is a ground bass?

18. What is a minuet and trio?

19. What is ritornello?

20. What happens to an inverted melody?

21. What happens to a retrograde melody?

22. What happens to a retrograde inverted melody?

23. What is sequencing (in Baroque music)?

24. What is imitation?

25. What is an ostinato?

26. Name each of these ornaments.

29 - Music Revision - Music Periods - Test 2 Q
Download PDF • 90KB

29 - Music Revision - Music Periods - Test 2 Answers
Download PDF • 122KB

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