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Music Revision - Music Quiz 2

In this blog I'll ask you loads of questions to see what you've learnt from the last ten blogs. You can download this quiz as a PDF along with an answer sheet.

  1. When a melody moves in a stepwise manner this is called...?

  2. When a melody moves with lots of jumps between the notes it is called...?

  3. What is a triadic melody?

  4. What is a scalic melody?

  5. What is the musical term for call and response?

  6. Name two countries that use a lot of call and response in their music.

  7. If a melody finishes in the same way it started it could be said to have what kind of shape?

  8. What is strophic form?

  9. Give an example of a type of song that uses strophic form.

  10. What happens when a song is through composed?

  11. Give an example of a through composed song.

  12. Baroque composers used ternary form. Describe ternary form.

  13. Describe cyclic form.

  14. What is a cadenza?

  15. What is a continuo?

  16. Name two instruments that would be used in a ground bass.

  17. What is an ostinato?

  18. What is a ballad?

  19. What is a riff?

  20. What is the piece of music you hear at the beginning of a song called?

  21. What is the typical structure of a pop song?

  22. Name four brass instruments.

  23. How many strings does guitar have?

  24. What are the strings tuned to for traditional tuning of a guitar?

  25. Name two differences between a classical guitar and an electric guitar.

  26. Name the four instruments that are played with a bow in the string family.

  27. What is the direction (word) for plucking the strings?

  28. How many strings does a traditional orchestral harp have?

  29. How many pedals does a traditional orchestral have?

  30. What are the two colours usually used on keyboard instruments?

  31. What is the difference between how a harpsichord and a piano make their notes sound?

  32. How does a traditional organ make its sound?

  33. How are percussion instruments played?

  34. Name three parts of a common drum kit.

  35. Name four percussion instruments.

  36. Name the three ways a woodwind instrument is played.

  37. Name three woodwind instruments.

  38. Name four transposing instruments.

  39. What are the four main adult singing voices?

  40. What are the two children's voices called?

  41. When a group of singers sing without accompaniment what is it called?

  42. Which instruments would you find in a brass band?

  43. Which instruments would you find in a wind band?

  44. In a traditional orchestra there are four groups of instruments. Starting at the front and working to the back row, name the four groups.

  45. What is the role of the conductor?

  46. What does MIDI stand for?

  47. How many channels are there available in MIDI?

  48. What channel is used for percussion in MIDI?

  49. What is a sampler?

  50. What is a sequencer?

  51. What is a remix?

  52. When recording in a studio which instrument(s) usually record first?

  53. What is found in a piano trio?

  54. What is found in a clarinet quintet?

  55. What is chamber music?

  56. What is the definition of timbre?

  57. Give five suitable words you could use to describe timbre.

  58. Name four electronic effects.

  59. Describe what each effect (you named) does.

  60. Name a song that uses a sample.

  61. Name the parts of this instrument.

62. Name these instruments.

29 - Music Revision - Music Quiz
Download PDF • 1.60MB

29 - Music Revision - Music Quiz Answers
Download PDF • 1.79MB

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