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Music Revision - Periods - Romantic - Quiz

We’ve reached the end of the Romantic Period - that was quick! Here is a quiz to see what you’ve learnt, and researched. As ever a download is available at the bottom of this blog - for your own use though please.

Who is considered the most prominent composer of the Romantic period?

a) Ludwig van Beethoven

b) Johann Sebastian Bach

c) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

d) Franz Schubert

Which musical form was commonly expanded and developed during the Romantic period?

a) Fugue

b) Sonata

c) Minuet

d) Variations

Which instrument became a central feature of Romantic orchestras due to its expressive capabilities?

a) Harpsichord

b) Violin

c) Flute

d) Trumpet

Which term refers to the expressive use of flexible tempo in performance?

a) Allegro

b) Rubato

c) Adagio

d) Presto

Which composer's work is often associated with the concept of "program music"?

a) Ludwig van Beethoven

b) Johann Strauss II

c) Johann Sebastian Bach

d) Franz Liszt

Which country's folk music and culture inspired many Romantic composers?

a) Germany

b) Italy

c) France

d) Russia

What is the significance of chromaticism in Romantic music?

a) It refers to the use of complex harmonies.

b) It involves the expansion of musical forms.

c) It represents the flexible use of tempo.

d) It incorporates folk melodies and rhythms.

Which composer is known for his innovative use of orchestration and tone colour?

a) Franz Schubert

b) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

c) Frédéric Chopin

d) Johann Strauss I

Which instrument is often associated with virtuosic writing in Romantic music?

a) Piano

b) Violin

c) Cello

d) Trumpet

Which composer's Symphony No. 5 is famous for its distinctive opening motif consisting of three short notes followed by one long note?

a) Ludwig van Beethoven

b) Franz Schubert

c) Johannes Brahms

d) Richard Wagner

Which composer wrote the opera "Carmen," which tells the story of a seductive and free-spirited gypsy woman?

a) Giuseppe Verdi

b) Richard Wagner

c) Georges Bizet

d) Claude Debussy

Who is known as the "poet of the piano" and composed a set of solo piano pieces called "Nocturnes"?

a) Frédéric Chopin

b) Franz Liszt

c) Robert Schumann

d) Antonín Dvořák

Which Russian composer is known for his ballet music, including "Swan Lake," "The Nutcracker," and "The Sleeping Beauty"?

a) Sergei Rachmaninoff

b) Igor Stravinsky

c) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

d) Dmitry Shostakovich

Which composer's "Symphonie fantastique" tells the story of an artist's opium-induced hallucinations and unrequited love?

a) Hector Berlioz

b) Frédéric Chopin

c) Richard Strauss

d) Carl Maria von Weber

Which composer's "William Tell Overture" includes a famous section often associated with galloping horses?

a) Gioachino Rossini

b) Bedřich Smetana

c) Johann Strauss I

d) Carl Orff

Who composed the famous piano piece "Clair de Lune"?

a) Claude Debussy

b) Maurice Ravel

c) Franz Liszt

d) Erik Satie

Which composer's works are known for their programmatic nature and incorporation of literary themes, such as in the symphonic poem "Also Sprach Zarathustra"?

a) Richard Strauss

b) Johannes Brahms

c) Gustav Mahler

d) Anton Bruckner

Which composer wrote the famous opera "La Traviata"?

a) Giuseppe Verdi

b) Richard Wagner

c) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

d) Giacomo Puccini

Which composer's works are characterised by their use of nationalism and incorporation of folk elements, such as in the symphonic poem "Finlandia"?

a) Jean Sibelius

b) Béla Bartók

c) Edvard Grieg

d) Camille Saint-Saëns

Who is known for his cycle of art songs called "Die schöne Müllerin" (The Beautiful Miller's Daughter)?

a) Robert Schumann

b) Franz Schubert

c) Hugo Wolf

d) Richard Strauss

Which composer's "1812 Overture" includes the use of cannons and bells, and is often associated with patriotic celebrations?

a) Modest Mussorgsky

b) Mikhail Glinka

c) Sergei Rachmaninoff

d) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

28 - Music Revision - Periods - Romantic - Quiz Q
Download PDF • 94KB
28 - Music Revision - Periods - Romantic - Quiz A
Download PDF • 95KB

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