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  • Chris Anderson

Music Revision - Stage & Screen - Quiz

Next month I’ll be doing profiles on ten of the giants in film music - in the meantime here is a quiz to see how much you’ve learnt about music for stage and screen. The question sheets and answers can be downloaded below (for your own use)

  1. What is a leitmotif?

  2. What is the theatre centre in London called?

  3. Who makes up the dances on stage (and film)?

  4. Which composer wrote music for the play “The Screens”?

  5. To which period of Musical Theatre do the following belong?

    1. Rent

    2. Anything Goes

    3. The Music Man

    4. Les Miserables

    5. Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  6. Who wrote the music for the following?

    1. West Side Story

    2. Beauty And The Beast

    3. Star Wars

    4. Oliver!

    5. Godspell

  7. What is a jukebox musical?

  8. What is the piece of music that comes at the beginning of a musical before any action takes place?

30 - Music Revision - Stage & Screen - Quiz Q
Download PDF • 51KB

30 - Music Revision - Stage & Screen - Quiz A
Download PDF • 54KB

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